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So I met a green beret last night in the middle of nowhere

kid im a green beret logistics for special forces. Im still in. me doubtful OK cool. Where are you stationed at kid Florida. Lots of green berets there. You dont want to get in a fight with one there four more will jump your ass. We do hardcore pt.Top responsesAnyone who opens a conversation with quotIm a green beretquot probably isnt a green beret.74 votesHe could be one of their support Seven Trust trying to pass himself off as an actual 18 series.29 votesWhile he was in the bathroom Obama called him in for a mission against ISIS and he didnt have time to say bye.27 votessooo.... i feel like you left us on a ledge. the suspense is killing me. waasss he a green beret18 votesReminds me of the homeless guy asking me for money saying hed been stationed at Fort Sumter.16 voteswhat a poge peace be upon him10 votes

Leaked documents provide details about Green Berets

18/4/2019 0183 32Leaked documents provide details about Green Berets death involving Navy SEALs and Marine Raiders Todd South April 18 2019 Staff Sgt. Logan J.

Medal of Honor ceremony today Green Beret honored for

30/10/2019 0183 32Reddit Flipboard Email Green Beret awarded Medal of Honor Green Beret awarded Medal of Honor 0239 Last Updated Oct 30 2019 807 PM EDT

Former Army Green Beret Charged in Russian Espionage

21/8/2020 0183 32 A former Army Green Beret was arrested today for allegedly conspiring with Russian intelligence operatives to provide them with United States national defense information. According to court documents from December 1996 to January 2011 Peter Rafael Dzibinski Debbins 45 of Gainesville a former member of the U.S. Army allegedly conspired with agents of a Russian

Feds charge former Green Beret with spying for Russia in

So we gotta do some math here. He was in college until at least 96 likely 97 when he graduated and got married. He did his first tour in Korea ostensibly as a Chemical Officer. Air Force E4 looking at going to ranger school once i put on staff. Im pretty active with ...

Feds charge former Green Beret with espionage with

21/8/2020 0183 32FALLS CHURCH Va. AP A former Army Green Beret living in northern Virginia was arrested on Friday charged with divulging military secrets about his units activities in ...

Former Green Beret charged with spying for Russia

22/8/2020 0183 32Reddit Pocket Flipboard Pinterest Linkedin World Former Green Beret charged with spying for Russia Peter Rafael Dzibinski Debbins of Virginia faces a single count of conspiracy to gather or ...

Life in the Green Berets SOFREP

Green Beret/Delta Force Operator on Submarine Op with SEALs Feb 25 Special Forces Dec 21 US Navy SEALs History Dec 23 COMMENTS Join our community. To comment on

overview for TheGreenBeret Reddit

The u TheGreenBeret community on Reddit. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. jump to content my subreddits edit subscriptions popularallrandomusers newsAskRedditworldnewsfunnypicsawwgamingtifunottheonionmildlyinteresting ...

First femoid Green Beret WHAT A JOKE Involuntary

10/7/2020 0183 32 green beret joke special forces Tupolev Tupolev Staff Member Lounge member Jul 10 2020 1 So after the U.S opened combat positions to femoids in the military...we now have our first special forces femoid JFL. Im betting shell never ...

Why does the Army prefer that Green Beret candidates

During my era and according to current requirements a high school diploma is the minimum edu ional requirement. One year in college does not yield much about a persons academic abilities in my opinion. If anything the person would be a drop...

Green Berets elevenyear transformation 960 x 538 Us

Saved from Green Berets elevenyear transformation 960 x 538 Military Guns Military Humor Special Ops Special Forces Usmc Marines Army Jokes Army Green Beret Us Army Rangers

President Trumps comments on Green Beret charged with

Reddit Pocket Flipboard Pinterest Linkedin U.S . news President Trumps comments on Green Beret charged with murder rile legal experts One expert believes the presidents tweet pressures lower ...

Katy Wilder the Only Woman to Wear the Special Forces

At that time she was also told that she was not authorized to wear the green beret. Wilder said in interviews that it was only fair that she be able to wear the beret since she earned it.

Think Like a Green Beret Be Subtle The Arms Guide

Being a Green Beret Singlaubs first inclination was to steal the ammo but there was just too much of it and it was in very remote areas. Demolition was not feasible as it would only s ter smallarms ammunition not destroy it.

Another Beret For PSYOP Soldiers Where Does it End

Originally the plan was to issue the SFAB an olivegreen beret. That looked too similar to the one that Special Forces wear and it unleashed a shitstorm of epic proportions.

The Green Beret Guide to the ACFT Army Combat Fitness

60016/9/2019 0183 32Christians here to give us the straight dope on the Armys new fitness test the ACFT. This multimodal test is going to be a big wakeup call for a lot of m... SOFLETE

Troops charged in Green Berets death in Mali planned to

5/6/2019 0183 32Four elite U.S. Special Operations troops charged in the death of a Green Beret soldier in Mali plotted to record him being ually assaulted as part of a plan to embarrass him through hazing ...

Special Forces Training

3/4/2020 0183 32More importantly it emphasizes the singular ceremony where Special Forces trainees will don the coveted Green Beret and Special Forces Tab for the first time. and culture During this 25week phase Phase V candidates will finetune their skills

ELI5What makes a Special Forces soldier that much

28/7/2011 0183 32So thats how I came here got green card and was naturalized. Anyways I never joined the army because Ive missed my mark went to collage had a serious relationship which became my fianc 233 and got a pretty nice job that I actually enjoy Now Im 29 years old and know very well that my SF career should start about 10 years ago.Top responsesIm infantry and Im surrounded by SF and soldiers that dont make the SF process. Its a little more depth than a ELI5 but Ill give you one then a longer read more5 votesWhat makes a police dog better than a normal dog They are better trained better fed and have better equipment. This is because they are special they are read more15 votesEveryone has already commented on the selection training and talent of SF. I thought Id chime in with a slightly different perspective. If your an read more2 votesIts the difference between a knife and a mallet respectively. Both useful but not even remotely the same. Edit lol rando downvotes with no explanation. read more9 votesFor what its worth If you put a normal US Army infantry platoon up against a special forces platoon in conventional warfare the infantry platoon would read more5 votesI dont even know why Im making a comment on this malarky. Got to selection the q course get your green beret deploy with an a teamthen ask yourself the read more1 vote

Green Berets reddit

21/7/2019 0183 32News discussion and media about US Special Forces commonly referred to as Green Berets. 388 Members 1 Online Created Jul 21 2019 Restricted Moderators View All Moderators help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit Seven Trust Reddit gifts ...

Angry Green Beret Slams Gwyneth Paltrow for War

Sikes who is in his late 20s enlisted in the Army in 2005 The Post reports and became a Green Beret two years later. He went to Afghanistan in 2007 came home and then went back to the country in 2008 when he was injured after the vehicle he was riding in rolled over an IED and it exploded.

So You Want to Be a Green Beret Separating Fact from

So you want to be a Green Beret Separating fact from fiction by Steve Balestrieri Dec 26 2019 Share This The US military has plenty of specialized units with varying missions and each has ...

Green Beret The Official British Army Blog

I was told early on that winning the Green Beret is only the beginning of the Commando story that you can only start to become a Commando when you have acquired the skills to operate in the four key terrains a Commando might have to fight in Mountain/Artic Desert Temperate and Jungle . ...

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